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Take on the role of a dog who's favorite toy has been stolen! Eat food, get chonky, and dislodge it from the tree branch the evil cat put it in. For this project, I took on the role as Lead Programmer and flourished. I had so much fun coming up with robust and expandable solutions for the mechanics created. Along with being Lead Programmer, I was also responsible for managing our source control software. Our team used Sourcetree for Github and we were all unfamiliar with both technologies. I quickly educated myself on how they work and consequently was able to troubleshoot issues and recover lost assets several times throughout the lifetime of this project.

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At first, we only had one minigame: "The Trick Sequence" as I have referred to it during the development. The games mechanics are similar to those of Simon Says. The second minigame we created was the Balance Minigame. We were inspired by the fishing mechanics from Stardew Valley, and created a similar game which requires the player to keep the arc of the wheel on top of a moving paw. The third minigame is what we call "Red Light, Green Light". The player has to pay attention to the NPCs animation cues as well as a faux traffic light in the center of the screen in order to move forward without getting caught.

The Trick Sequence & Code Examples

Balance Minigame & Code Examples

Red Light Green Light & Code Examples

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