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Lumi is a 2D mobile game conceived by a few of my colleagues for the 2017 Entelechy Competition at SCAD. Two of the group members, Jean-Pierre Dalmas and Sylva Alvizo, wanted to see this project brought to life. So, they came to me to see if I was interested in coding it. 

After they showed me what it was about, I gleefully accepted the job and got to work figuring out what software I was going to use to make a mobile game.


So far, I've been working with Unity and watching tutorials on similar games like Flappy Bird. For the first test run I did with this game, I ended up using a bunch of sprites ripped from Flappy Bird just so I could get a feel for the engine without having to worry about my own art. Since Jean-Pierre and Sylvia will be  providing me with sprite sheets, I'm going to use Flappy Bird assets as a sort of Graybox Set until we have enough of our own for me to play with. I'm having alot of fun with this engine!

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