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This is a project done for a Unity 2D course. In Nanomite, players take control of nano-bots to administer various forms of medical attention to a deranged doctors patients, fighting various enemies along the way. The doctor (known as Dr. Rotcod) is totally insane and far more interested in the success of his nanobots than the well-being of his clients. The doctor intends to deploy his nanobots on any subject, living or not, in order to test their mettle. Clients will range from humans, aliens, cyborgs, plants, animals, and machines to keep each level interesting. Allowing a wide range of clients helps to add to the quirky and crazy personality of the game while allowing a large amount of design space in terms of obstacles and enemies. Players will then fight off viruses, foreign bodies, and cancerous masses until they reach the final area which will harbor a boss that will fit the theme for each level.  Players will have to be careful when fighting enemies though, for missed shots and high velocity collisions into walls will harm the internal structure of the patients’ organs, causing them to die if they sustain too much damage. Whether the patient live or dies, players will be rewarded with upgrades and new weapons as they complete levels (offering better upgrades for if the patient lives). Enemies will drop DNA which the player can use as currency to unlock special upgrades for weaponry, abilities, and armor.

Wanna play? Download here.

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